News & Ads Monitoring Agency
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Our Services

nama is a leading news media monitoring company. We offer complete coverage of the nation's top media outlets to provide our customers with the critical knowledge and insight they value in order to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Founded in May 2006, nama has been moving forward, expanding our customer base and improving the technology and expertise we use in media monitoring.

Our Commitment

nama is uniquely positioned to provide what you really need by fully customizing each and every report to your exact requirements.

Our editors analyze the news retrieved in original form and discard 80% of the content which does not match the intent of the search criteria. This 'human touch' is what sets our service apart, and it is a critical component that ends up saving you precious time.

Our commitment to the future empowers us to keep investing in technology to deliver you news with speed and accuracy. In this business, you need tomorrow's news yesterday.

Our Clients

nama's client base has expanded to include regional blue chip firms, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Our comprehensive approach to news monitoring makes our services relevant to all industries and sectors - any organization concerned about their public image will benefit greatly from our services.