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Current Announcements

If you have any queries on any of these announcements, please contact us.


In order to serve you better, please provide your monitoring requests (which includes keywords, press release, monitoring period, etc.) to us two days in advance of the event/release/publishing date. If the monitoring request is sent to us on the event date itself after 3pm, we will only be able to provide monitored reports after 12pm the next working day. If the requests are sent earlier, you will receive your monitored reports in the morning the next working day. Thank you for your understanding and support. We would appreciate if you could share this message with the relevant team members.

Notice from Finance

In support of ‘going green’ nama will no longer be issuing invoices in hard copies. Please ensure the contact details (email address and phone number) of your relevant Finance personnel is correctly stated in the invoice, so that the invoice can reach the right recipient in your organisation to avoid disruption or delay in service payment. Any delays in payment could cause your account to be suspended and services interrupted. We appreciate the prompt payment of your invoices. All bank charges incurred during remittance is to be borne by the payer. Any shortages will be reflected on the next outstanding invoice in the Statement of Accounts.