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Our Services

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NCR (News Coverage Report)

Today's media coverage is ubiquitous. Every action of an organization is under broad public scrutiny. Everything published online, in print or via broadcast impacts an organization's greatest asset - its reputation. Therefore, possessing the right monitoring tools is essential. Knowing what's being said about your organization, and by whom, is paramount to your status and future success.

With our tailor-made News Coverage Report, you get complete coverage of every network in Malaysia and Singapore. Our editors carefully review and categorize all clips before they are submitted to you for relevance, so you get just what you're looking for - and nothing more.

CIR (Competitive Intelligence Report) - To help you stay competitive

Only about 10% of companies do it, and the other 90% probably should. What is it, you ask? The answer is competitive intelligence (CI) – the process of gathering information about one's competitors that can be used as the basis for planning organizational change. CI is a search for clues about what one's competitor is actually doing or considering doing. Before you dismiss CI on the grounds that it is unethical, it's important to note that we're not talking about doing anything illegal. Rather, CI efforts usually involve gathering readily available information, such as that contained in public records.

MAR (Media Analysis Reports) - Evaluate results

You've generated exposure in your target media, but critical questions still remain. Did you meet your campaign objectives? Were your spokespeople on target? And how have you performed against your competition over time? Let nama complete the cycle for you and your clients. We are able to compile and provide detailed analysis of all of your media exposure. The ability to prove a return on public relations investments is usually essential for those activities to continue. It elevates both the accountability and credibility of your communication initiatives. These groundbreaking services can also aid in producing multitudes of customized reports and graphs that will display your results in a form that is easy to understand. Provided as an ongoing monthly service, or a retrospective analysis, we can help you quantify your efforts.